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Sunday 24 September 2023

TLQ: The Movie! (2023 Session 3) Week 3: Wardrobe, no malfunctions...

Overheard at office trailer…

Hello, I’m calling again from TLQ: The Movie… Yes, I did call a few times yesterday, you see, it is urgent that I get in touch with Dr. Spooky, he is supposed to be here on set and… Oh I see, he is away… This is his phone right? Are you his agent?.... Oh, I see, you are his “Cosmic Alignment Practitioner” and you have sent him off on a quest to align… Yes I see… He cannot be disturbed out there, he is living in a tree… Ok, do tell him we called, the accountants and legal will be following up about the whole breach of contract thing… Good for you, happy to hear you are not saddled and imprisoned by convention… Argh, nevermind… and a good evening to you too….

Hello Central Casting? TLQ here… Hi, remember our Doctor character? Anyway, the flake you cast for us is communing with nature up a tree somewhere so we need a replacement quickly! Call me back when you have an audition lined up… Kthanksbye!

Hello Joe, just calling about the location contracts you said were all lined up. Yes, a bit of an issue… Today when we tried to shoot at the local castle we were chased off by a gentleman with a large dog who yelled “go away and take your cats with you and never come back” Yes I’m paraphrasing, the original was a bit more pointed… Oh, there are two castles and you got them mixed up and switched our location this morning? Thanks for letting me know!!! Yes of course that was sarcastic!!! Oh nevermind, just send me the new schedule… No, not when you finish your puzzle, NOW please!!!

(Sound of beer can tab…)

To: cast@TLQMovie: Good morning cast members! Thank you for excellent preliminary interviews. Our production team got some wonderful footage. Due to a slight mishap with the location scheduling we will not be shooting castle scenes this week as planned. We will be doing the contemporary work and home background shots instead. Unfortunately wardrobe is not quite ready for us to do this so we’d like you to tell us about clothing preferences. We will do our best to source appropriate things. You will of course get to keep them after shooting.

So, let us know, what is your everyday preference? What do you like to wear when you want to be a bit fancy? What is your go-to outfit for days when you need a pick-me-up? Does your favourite outfit or style have a story? Are you a “clothes change your mood” kind of dresser? Or are you on the “yay it doesn’t have holes” side of the coin?

Have a great week!


  1. Clothes are complicated. I don't like being looked at as a physical being, I think mostly because it always came with criticism - I was a sturdy child, tall for my age with a short boyish haircut, and now I am a very fat middle aged woman with a long and never tidy braid, and I've always been terrible at sport and physical activities. I have very rarely wanted to be noticed as a physical thing - noticed as ME, very much so, and I am well aware that it's not great that my "I" is largely separate from the body it depends on and lives in, but that's just a thing to work on. One of many... And I'm more fussy about the feel of a fabric than the look of it - I think in some ways my colouring doesn't match the colouring I have in my head if that makes sense, just as my body doesn't match the one I apparently assume I have!

    I have pretty much settled on a comfortable uniform for the last few years - heavy cotton pique yoga/casual work trousers, black trainers (or crocs when I forget), and a tunic-like shirt or top or whatever you call them - usually linen or cotton or cotton jersey, drapy and not bust-emphasising and bum-covering. In winter I stick a long-sleeved cotton T on underneath. I like vegetation sort of colours, what my family call "shades of murk" - soft greens and rusts and browns and plums - often with patterns which are natural-ish, so leaves or vines or flowers or butterflies rather than geometric shapes and slogans (I have too much bust at the front and hair at the back to really wear slogan Ts well!). A long wide pashmina type scarf in almost all weathers, and a drapey fine fabric cardigan as an extra layer in colder seasons (in the UK at the moment, I don't need a big sweater, especially given "mi-age" and hot flushes - for cold days, I keep a blanket in my office and image be damned! Teaching rooms are usually kept too hot at our place anyway.

    My general dress sense has always been something along the lines of tunic/trousers or leggings/boots/something sleeveless or open-sleeved like a gilet or long waistcoat or sleeveless robe or academic robe on top (my total comfort writing outfit is leggings, fluffy-lined crocs, a long sleeved cotton T and an oversized drassing gown or "throw" style dramatical wrap. Or dresses with historical references in the style and cut, long and high necked and generally in the same drapey, protecting pale eczema-prone sensitive to random things skin style. I don't mind a clumpy heel or a dramatic tossable wrap or flowy outer layer, but definitely firmly at the mysterious Berber end of the coverage spectrum rather than the modern belly dancer end. I also do love a nice dramatic hood. or a cossack-y furry hat. or a wide-brimmed black camarge type hat. Writing this makes me realise I less and less indulge my taste for the mildly dramatic elements... probably because I am just very drained and because the physical stuff makes me feel more fat lump than big and dramatic, if that makes sense. Sigh!

    1. Last week was hard work, despite only going on campus one day, and I crashed quite hard this weekend. I can't see how I'm going to keep up, even with abandoning various reserach desdlines, but we just keep going until we fall over, right? With complaining, because that's what I do here...

      Self-care: pace myself because no one else will. Move intentionally for at least 10 minutes a day. Do a few house things. Eat more fruit and vegetables and don't buy more bread. pacing - ish. it's HARD when I'm letting people down & my brain is seeing impatience everywhere and it's not entirely making it up. But I didn't get up until 6pm today and I still feel wobbly/tearful/not recovered, and work starts tomorrow... sigh. moving went well before I went onto campus, house things were mostly neglected but not entirely, I did eat a bit more F&V, and did buy bread - but there was limited edition pumpkin bread made with spices, pumpkin and pumpkin seeds, and it's this delicious orange seedy lightly spiced not at all sweet delight which goes amazingly well with a bit of sharp cheese and a bowl of soup. So I will focus on enjoying it rather than berating myself about it!

      Teaching: finish all VLE and module handbook/syllabus contents. Prep all first week materials for all modules and make a start on week 2. Mark some MSc presentations (and dissertations if time, but there won't be). meet my project students (who are all one way or another In Trouble with their projects already, lucky me). just... just... nothing done for week 2. Marked two presentations - the other students got extensions so have to be fitted in. Did not mark texts. None of my undergrad project students showed up at all which was an especial pain as I went to campus to meet them... but hey. it happens.

      Research: Try to add text from long report to consultancy paper draft (aiming to submit end of month, probably not going to happen). Draft application for PhD funding.
      Ignore Special Collection Chapter until co-author prompts me. no, no, and yes thoroughly ignored. oops!

      Admin: summarise annoying report. Ensure intern is keeping busy! I discovered half our data was missing, and tracked that down. Did not summarise. Intern is not doing great for Good Reasons but, sigh

      Fun: one each of a chunk of time reading, drawing, crocheting and playing D&D twice. Half an hour is enough to be a chunk except for D&D. did read a bit, have not drawn, did a bit of crochet during D&D playing and made a Right Mess, ran a short D&D game for nibling's lot

      At least it's Autumn! My favourite season, and very well suited to drapey scarves. And one of my favourite improv recipes, the chestnut and roasted squash lasagne...

      Self-care: pace myself because no one else will. Move intentionally for at least 10 minutes a day. Read & file post from last month or so. Chase up on counselling referral.
      Eat more fruit and vegetables and don't buy more bread (other than seasonal specials).

      Teaching: Prep week 2 and make a start on week 3. See or at least schedule a meet with all my undergrad project students and my post-grads (one new one, one back from leave, etc). Mark some MSc presentations (and dissertations if time, but there won't be).

      Research: Try to add text from long report to consultancy paper draft (aiming to submit end of month, probably not going to happen). Draft application for PhD funding which is due end of week. Ignore Special Collection Chapter until co-author prompts me.

      Admin: summarise annoying report. Try to prompt intern back on track but not feel guilty if they're still not able to do much.

      Fun: one each of a chunk of time reading, drawing, crocheting and playing D&D. Half an hour is enough to be a chunk except for D&D. Write a birthday wish list.

    2. Sounds like a pretty draining week. It's especially frustrating when we make a particular effort to meet students' needs, and they flake out (of course they have complicated lives, too, but at least for me the knowledge that at least some of them will reappear and expect immediate attention when I'm even more overwhelmed is an additional source of frustration/anxiety).

      The pumpkin bread does sound very good (and it both contains veg and goes well with soup, which is a vehicle for veg, so that sounds like it fits in with the eating goals), as does the squash/chestnut lasagna.

    3. Your clothes sound comfortable, suitable, and in their way distinctive. Comfortable fibers are important!

    4. That sounds like an exhausting week. I feel that the work involved to support students never gets recognised, especially once you factor in all the time lost to the ones that don't show up/answer their emails/etc. Can you be ruthless and refuse to meet them since they didn't take the slot you agreed, or does that just create more work further down the line?

    5. I love those shades you like, they are always interesting and work with so many different styles. We will make sure Wardrobe does a really nice cape and a few fancy scarves in your favourite colours... Office blankets are the best!! I have an office wool poncho and a pair of fingerless gloves for the cold months from my old office that had the holes in the walls...
      Good luck with the students, tough when they are troubled and troublesome in equal measures.

    6. I love your clothing loves! And that pumpkin bread sounds wonderful. I'm sorry about the disappointing/crisis-riddled students.... It's so exhausting.

  2. I'm definitely in the "yay it doesn't have holes" (or "dammit; that's beginning to develop holes; now I have to find a replacement") camp when it comes to clothes. When I find something I like, I often buy multiples in different (or even the same) colors. I did a bit of post-pandemic shopping (since I was on campus 4 days a week last semester, most things seemed to have developed holes, and I found a style available in various colors/prints that I liked), so I'm probably just as happy to bring my own clothes than to try to find others. However, if the wardrobe person does hemming, I could use some help with that. I like my skirts relatively long, but I'm short, the styles in which I'm comfortable are trending longer lately, and many of my dresses would benefit from being shortened by a few inches, both for appearance's sake and to lessen the possibility of tripping. My favorite summer grubbies (some of which *are* developing holes) are noticeably shorter than my newer clothes, and I'm noticing the difference now that I'm wearing school clothes again.

    1. Multiples of things you like are an excellent idea!

    2. There are a couple of shops locally that do alterations, and when I need them for work clothes, it's great. (I have relatively short legs, so hemming pants has been a big one.)

    3. Alterations are magical... And definitely multiple copies of things that work!
      Lots of progress on everything, way to go! I hope the seeds do well!

    4. I have a dress getting hemmed right now! I can't wait to wear it. Three inches off the bottom will make SUCH a difference.

      All three of my favorite cardigans are developing (many) holes. The youngest of them is probably 7 years old (at least) and no longer made or available for sale anywhere. I am so sad. I still wear them all the time--two are black, so I tell myself that the holes are basically invisible. I've sewn some of them up, but others--well--it's ultimately a lost cause. :(

  3. Goals for last week:
    --Catch up with lit grading; keep up with comp grading; file midterm evaluations for all classes (yes, this is on the early side, but there’s a no-record withdrawal opportunity coming up, and we’re encouraged to file the evaluations before that) (close to catching/keeping up and filing evaluations, but not quite there)
    --Ask colleagues who wrote successful study leave applications last year if they’re willing to share models (asked one)
    --Sow fall lettuce & other greens in community garden plot (one bed sowed; several to go. Heavy rain this weekend should mean good sowing/growing conditions this week)
    --Continue containerizing, with goal of clearing dining table and adjacent windowsill of objects that aren’t supposed to live there (no progress)
    -- At least begin moving books and bookshelf sitting where the refrigerator needs to temporarily live while I’m working on the area around/behind its usual spot (no progress)
    --Exercise: take at least one short and one medium-length walk; stretch x 3; lift weights x 1 (all except the short walk done)
    --Friends & family: touch base w/ NY nephew; make plans w/ local niece (not done)

    1. Sounds like you've managed a lot--that was quite a long list! Well done with the fall gardening!

  4. This was definitely the week grading began to get intense. I also spent a good deal of one weekday attending a former colleague's memorial service (as well as a significant portion of another day in the garden plot), so it was a busy week.

    Next week will also be busy on the professional front, since I need to get a draft of the study leave proposal to my chair (who needs to write support letters for those of us applying) by the end of the week.

    1. [Sorry; thought I was threading the posts above, but apparently not]
      Goals for this week:
      --Complete all grading necessary to file comp & lit midterm evaluations; file evaluations.
      --Keep up with post-evaluation comp & lit grading
      --Ask 1-2 more colleagues for model study leave applications
      --Draft my own study leave application and get to my chair (who needs to write a support letter)
      --Continue sowing fall greens
      --Continue containerizing kitchen items, with goal of clearing dining table and adjacent windowsill of objects that aren’t supposed to live there.
      -- At least begin moving books and bookshelf sitting where the refrigerator needs to temporarily live while I’m working on the area around/behind its usual spot
      --Exercise: take at least one short and one medium-length walk; stretch x 3; lift weights x 2
      --Friends & family: touch base w/ NY nephew; make plans w/ local niece.

    2. I'm sorry about your former colleague; I hope that the memorial service was healing.

  5. I love clothes and spend a lot of time thinking about them, and about what to wear for various occasions and weather. In my professional life, I tend to dress the part of the Lady Professor, with certain seasonal variations. Summer/warm weather sees more linen, often in the form of trousers and a blazer or shirt-jacket, with a silk or cotton tank under it. Colder weather brings out the wool skirts and cashmere cardigans, or jeans and wool blazers, with boots. I also have a range of sleeveless* sheath dresses that can be worn with cotton cardigans and bare legs, or tights and a wool blazer/cardigan (possibly with a long-sleeved t-shirt underneath) to bridge warmer and colder weather. We get very cold winters here, and my office runs cold but classrooms can be either cold or hot, so layering can be crucial---as is a hefty coat for outdoors. But I enjoy "atmospheric dressing," and if we're filming at a castle, I'm going to be badgering Wardrobe for a long velvet dress with brocade over-vest, more Pre-Raphaelite than truly medieval, probably, but really, what better opportunity to go from Dark Academia to Pre-Raphaelite? That is not a look I get much call for in my daily life, but I'm sure I could pull it off. Dark teal velvet, say, under a long open vest in shades of silvery green. Or burgundy velvet dress with vest in dark rose, embroidered in teal and silver.

    *I have shoulders like a linebacker and it is hard to find dresses and shirts with sleeves that accommodate them, except in some knits. T-shirts are much safer than woven shirts. I love the way crisp button-front shirts look on other people but they do not work on me.

    1. Let's see, here are my goals from last week's comments:
      - swim twice, contact gym manager about finding a trainer. YES to both. Also 2 cross-trainer workouts.
      - grade a set of papers. YES.
      - do some other teaching prep. SOME. Could do better!
      - research 1 hour x 5, mainly Alms chapter, also some time on Latin, conference paper project. YES, close enough.
      - do some House Task (or garden, or Life Stuff). YES (called cat sitter recommended by a friend), along with a lot of errands, cooking, laundry, the usual stuff that makes it so hard to get to other tasks.

      New goals, very like the old ones:
      - swim twice, cross-trainer twice, walk at least once, yoga x5
      - grade a set of papers
      - do some other teaching prep, esp MS-related handout
      - research 1 hour x 5, mainly Alms chapter, also some time on Latin, conference paper project
      - do some House Task (or garden, or Life Stuff)

    2. Your wardrobe sounds very elegant! And sounds like your week went well.

    3. Oooh love the idea of long velvet dresses for our castle shoots! Making notes for Wardrobe...
      I am in awe of people who can wear linen and pull off the cool elegance thing! The best I could do with one linen outfit many years ago could charitably described as laundry basket shabby chic... By the end of the day the chic part had left the building!

    4. YES you could pull of pre-Raphaelite. What an excellent idea!

      The fact that you spend a lot of time thinking about clothes reassures me that I'm not spending too much time doing so. I've been revamping my wardrobe somewhat over the last year or so, and it's awfully interesting, I must say. (To me, that is, and only to me.)

    5. Oh, it would interest me too, I assure you, should you want to share! I'm far too frivolous to be an academic (though too serious to be anything else . . .).

  6. I would like to be a dress makes mood/effortlessly stylish person, but in reality, I tend to gravitate to 'at least it doesn't have holes in'. Like JaneB, I am not comfortable with being looked at, and don't like my body, but am also taken by surprise each time I look in a mirror. I am petite if you're feeling kind, short and dumpy if you're being honest, which means it is very hard to find clothes that fit and look ok. Petite sizes tend to assume you are dainty as well as short. I would love to look glamorous if your wardrobe person is up for the challenge - maybe Regency style would cover my flaws, though it might end up looking like a nightdress.

    For work, I try to avoid jeans in order to look reasonably professional, so tend to be in one of about three pairs of black/grey trousers that do fit, plus some blouse or jumper depending on season (teaching rooms are often baking hot in my institution as well). I have one dress that I like which looks OK and therefore gets worn if I need to be a little more stylish. I do have a red suede jacket which was an impulse purchase in a vintage store with my daughter about a year ago. It's only the right temperature for it for a few weeks a year, but it's probably the most stylish thing I own right now. I don't walk in heels very well: I have boots with a low heel, but rarely wear shoes any more. In summer, I'm in flats, usually linen trousers, some kind of cotton or linen top. I don't cope well with heat, so things have to be light and loose. Colours-wise I like reds, oranges, rust, green, though there are other colours in my wardrobe. But I'm dark, so these are the colours I think suit me best.

    Last week:
    1. Maximise time in archives (Carcassonne, Toulouse, Paris) - mostly, Toulouse was quite frustrating in that not everything was available. But overall, it was a good trip.
    2. Go for nice walks in the evening, try not to mind eating dinner alone. - Yes to the walks, and it cooled down, so they were pleasant. Sometimes to the second - I lucked out both nights in Toulouse in finding places where they didn't put me in a dark corner by the toilet/rush me to finish so they could have two people at the table. Other nights, less so.
    3. PhD viva (this is a cheat, as it was actually this morning!). It went well, and meant I got to see people I like in a lovely place.
    4. Read and comment on PhD student's chapter. - Yes

    This week - last before teaching starts, arrgh:
    1. Sort out notes and photos from trip
    2. Finish unpacking crates in new office
    3. Set up VLE for new course, plan teaching, pull handbook together.
    4. Revise last year's handbook for team-taught course
    5. Do any outstanding marking (boycott is over, but not entirely clear if I have anything to mark, since I was on leave)
    6. Get back to healthy eating and exercise.

    1. Just saying that I love Toulouse and I'm sorry their archives were not behaving properly. (My sister lived there for about 7 years, so I got to visit repeatedly.)

    2. I really liked the city and I wish I had seen more of it. The neighbourhood where I was staying (east of the centre, near the canal) was great: quite narrow streets, lots of interesting independent shops and restaurants. It reminded me more of Brussels than a Mediterranean French city. I did find good stuff in the archive, it just turned out some stuff is in some warehouse miles away and has to be ordered in advance - but they don't warn you about this on the website! Next time I will be better prepared!

    3. So glad your trip was successful despite some frustrations. Archives sound absolutely fascinating! Hope the reentry is smooth and pleasant!
      Regency can be so elegant, we'll make sure the fantasy tailor gets your something you love!

  7. Clothes are tricky! I am navigating some annoying shape changes that really sped up over the last year or so. I am mostly a jeans-and-sweater/shirt for work and everyday wear, with comfortable shoes. I have two really great pairs of almost fancy pants (one black, one tweedy) for more formal days, I used to have more and they are still great and in my closet but thanks for nothing menopause! Same with shirts, button-down shirts work for me but my favourite ones are mysteriously smaller in some places, bigger in others… Oh well, ces’t la vie… For field work I have a huge selection of old clothes that can get ripped up and muddy with giant boots and hats that make me look like a short, vagrant mushroom. From my previous career I have an great selection of very elegant performance clothes, mostly black, so I can be really fancy at a moment’s notice. I love jewel tones and solid colour, not great with patterns unless they are subtle. I love funny long socks...
    I love fancy scarves but I get tangled up, sit on them, trail them in sinks and plates, get them shut in car or house doors, or trip over them when they fall down… So kind of a health hazard. And also my cats love them far too much so the scarves rarely come out. I would love a dramatic swingy velvet cloak for filming in cold castle rooms. And fancy high-heeled, long boots… I love them but cannot wear them because they always cut off my circulation right under the knees… But if the on-set tailor can make me a couple of exact copies of my nice pants I would be eternally grateful because there is nothing quite so demoralizing as shopping for pants… But, thinking about this made me realize that I don’t really indulge my tastes much, so I dug out a favourite scarf and nice shirt for today, and really quite enjoyed the colour and texture so I will try to do that more frequently!

    This week’s goals:
    Make a weekly schedule with all major tasks blocked off and follow it! DECENT
    Put together plan for all honours students and have meetings, set up schedule DONE
    Write newsletter NOPE
    Write outline of regional paper and make one figure (low bar…) OUTLINE, ONE FIGURE
    Begin writing awful no-good pain-in-the-butt grant application TWO PARAGRAPHS but organized the different sections? So something I guess…

    This week’s goals:
    Keep up with weekly schedule
    Read and comment on paper draft from post-doc
    Write newsletter
    Write data section of local paper
    Draft of PITA grant application

    1. Do you need wide-calf boots? I love that you got inspired to dress up because of this post and the comments! My cats completely ignore my scarves, but maybe it's a question of how one ties them. It sounds like you made good progress this week; the only no is the newsletter.

  8. Clothing: I've been thinking recently about how my clothes wardrobe has changed over the years, and I'm not sure how much is moving from the east coast to California, not working at home as much, or what. Right now my work uniform is a pair of trousers (blue/ black / grey) with a dressy shirt and cardigan, linen shirt, or jacket. Most of my trousers post pandemic have elastic waists and are knit, so forgiving of weight changes. I like dresses, but rarely wear them because they always feel so fancy. For my fancy occasions, I have some really nice jackets that go with slightly fancier black trousers, or black velvet leggings. When working at home, I have some stretchy trousers/yoga pants that are comfortable and which I wore almost daily through the pandemic.

    How I did last week:
    1. Stay up to date on grading/ canvas/ etc. YES
    2. Post new batch of modules on Canvas YES
    3. Schedule last group of events for grad program NO
    4. Keep up with email SOME
    5. Enjoy visits with friends YES
    6. Make family time work (lots of patience required) YES

    So, the news is we all survived, in spite of a non-hurricane that provided lots of wind and rain, so that was a bit dramatic. But it was in a beautiful place, my siblings and I treated each other well, and the niblings were generally well behaved for 9 year olds. I also had time in the city of my birth with several friends and my stepson, for the first time since the pandemic. It was a lovely reminder of the people I miss since I moved here.

    In terms of work, I did most of the email, but so much to do...

    Goals for this week:
    1. Keep up with grading, LMS, and other class stuff
    2. Schedule informal events for department, send out notices
    3. Other administrivia related to graduate program
    4. Start reading essays for Big Collaboration
    5. Make medical appointments
    6. Sleep/ exercise / eat healthfully
    7. Do something fun at the weekend

    1. In earlier times, I wore a lot of loose longish dresses...I tend to have one or two stores that make things I like, and wear a lot of them. But those stores have changed their look, so... I have another store that makes most of the clothes I wear!

    2. Glad the visit was good and had friends included, and no major storm damage! You got lots of things done too...
      It is so sad when a store or brand that works well goes and changes things... I now buy multiples of things I like just for that eventuality.

    3. Keeping up with email is no mean feat! Well done on that front.

  9. It sounds like you had a very good visit with your relatives, despite the weather; I'm glad to hear it.
    A good knit dress looks dressy but feels like wearing a giant t-shirt. I have a couple from Lands End that I bought years ago & I still regret not getting All The Colors when I could. I thought it was the sort of thing they'd always have . . . and then they didn't anymore. Elbow sleeves, princess seams, v-neck. So comfortable, but they look great.

  10. Clothes, clothes, clothes.... At the moment, what I want most of all is a very short haircut. I really want a haircut. I have one scheduled for Thursday, and on my Goals list for the week will be, "Be firm with hair-cutter that my hair absolutely must be shorter." She always leaves it too long, and after 2-3 weeks I feel like a slovenly mess.

    But clothes! I'm with DEH on the good knit dress. I like sort of figure-skimming (as they say), in a nice rich blue. With a drapey cardigan-thing. There are these absurd scarf/cape-thingies that I'm eyeing online, but they are Expensive and Not Necessary, so I'm holding off for now. (But such pretty colors! So warm and cozy!) Maybe Wardrobe could get me one of those!

    Last week: Was a blur.
    1. Fill in 4 very specific gaps in chapter 4 - DONE; this only took about an hour, thankfully
    2. Prep chapter 1 for printing (by tying up a couple of loose ends that I've noted on p. 1) and print it - DONE, largely
    3. Write 2 recommendation letters - Wrote 1; the second one is not urgent and I haven't received the request yet
    4. Start notes for book review - NO; this is rising to the Urgent category
    5. If time: Read grad student's chapter - NO
    6. If time: Conflict of Interest training (just to get the notification out of my inbox) - YES; that notification was driving me nuts

    This week:
    1. Work through 1/2 of chapter 1 in hard copy (hard copy revisions are an important stage in my writing process)
    2. One article review
    3. Grade papers
    5. Make additions to Zero Waste presentation and look into getting it online
    6. Start reading grad student's chapter

    1. I forgot to add
      7. Be firm with hair-cutter that hair absolutely must be shorter this time!

    2. Good luck being firm with the hair-cutter! I'm always amused at how terribly reluctant some of them are to do really short cuts... It grows back! You cannot possibly mess it up permanently... Anyway, hope it works!
      I vote for buying the unnecessary scarf thingy and wear it every day! We sometimes forget how much a simple thing like that can cheer up a cold winter's day or lift a mood...

    3. Maybe tell the hair-cutter an inch shorter than you actually want? I'm not a good person to advise, though; during the pandemic I started cutting my own hair and it comes out much closer to what I want than I have *ever* been able to communicate to any hairdresser.