the grid

the grid

Sunday 31 March 2019

Spring Intersession - 1

Hi all,

Thank you to humming42 for running a great session to start off the calendar year!

We didn't quite finalise plans for this intersessional, so - how about we run from now until 19th May, which is eight Sundays in total, giving us seven weeks to actually do stuff?  Then our summer crew can take over - heu mihi volunteered to be part of that.  For those of us teaching in the northern hemisphere, this is the messy bit of the year, when spring is springing, deadlines are lurking, students are panicking, and we're all ready to be done.  The heady days of new stationary feel a lifetime away, and the mythical promise of the academic summer is somewhere up ahead on the other side of the grading and paperwork - goals of self-care and not completely neglecting research work are entirely appropriate!  

This week to start us off, please set some goals for the session as well as for next week, and include whatever contextual material you think is useful (e.g. when your teaching journey ends, or when the next change in routine comes along for those not actually dealing with students directly at the moment) - as usual, newcomers or returners welcome to join in, and hopefully we will all have made a little progress (or at least stayed in the same place rather than backsliding too much) by the middle of May.

Saturday 23 March 2019

Week 12: This ride comes an end.

Hello all! I feel like this is the end of a theme park ride, where I remind you to check around your feet and on the seat beside you to make sure you’ve picked up all of your possessions, then to remind you that there are delicious snacks to the left and right, and fireworks will commence just after dark. I hope you’ve had a marvelous week and a solid session her at TLQ. Thanks for bearing with my inconsistencies! 

Contingent Cassandra 
--Continue walking regularly 
--Do tax extension request  
--Work on garden at least one day  
--Clear out back of car  
--Plan and deliver conference presentation on curricular project  
--order seeds and bulbs for the spring (3 sources) 

Dame Eleanor Hull 
Health: the usual.  
Research: style check half of the translation; make minor corrections to the intro and submit it; do a little work on the next conference paper.  
Teaching: Finish grading one set of papers. Write one more assignment. 
Life Stuff: get tax stuff to the accountant. Haircut. 

Good Enough Woman 
1) Pay bills. 
2) Start taxes 
3) One hour on conference paper. 
4) Get organized for next week--keep up with grading, prep announcements and lessons for any subs. 
5) Be present on the short trip with my daughter. 

heu mihi 
1. Prepare for next week's meetings--GE review, CC reviews if they get arranged on time, homework for workshop(s), diss chapter 
2. Read for next week (get ahead!) 
3. Take Friday and Saturday off; visit family 
4. Go for a walk when the weather is nice, if I'm not feeling up for exercise 

1 Get 100% caught up on grading so I can submit midterm grades Monday 
2 Write up edit suggestions for journal submission 
3 Start drafting fellowship application 

1) self-care: do something not-work every evening other than stare at phone, go to bed early, drink 1.5-2 l of water a day and focus on hitting >5 fruit and veg portions a day, cut down refined sugar.  
2) making stuff and being creative: complete this colour square 
3) domestic chaos reduction: Catch up with washing up. Clean bathroom and empty bins mid-week before going away at the weekend. 
4) Teaching: prepare for next two weeks  
5) research: Begin ProblemChild2 rough redraft. Set up time to talk about FlatProject draft. Reply to difficult email about Gallimaufray. Make list of projects in progress so I DON'T forget things... 

1. Nail the last of the teaching prep for weeks 10 and 11 and find a way to make the sessions interesting and interactive  
2. Mark the work that's lurking (but that I have not had the brain function this weekend to tackle 
3. write the sustainability paper (and if not write, outline extensively and format the flippin' references) 
4. finish the funding application and send it off for internal review/risk assessing whatevs. Submit if possible. 
5. stop feeling so freaked out by the forces of darkness because nothing they do is (a) interesting to me, (b) surprising for me (c) out of character for them. They are what they are and I am what I am and that's just how it is.  

1. write 300 words of Ch 3 
2. Complete R and R with new data 
3. Start conference paper 
4. Interview and hire postdoc 
5. Grade papers 
6. Exercise e 3 
7. Fun x 1 

Susan (carried over) 
1. Spend 4 hours reading for Collaboration. If I can do more, great, but that's a start. 
2. Grade papers 
3. Finish conference stuff 
4. Buy wine, beer & soft drinks for conference 
5. Keep reading at night 
6. Get back onto good sleep pattern 

1. Intersectionality paper 
a. Make detailed plan 
b. Work through plan 
2. Reviews - get these done! 
3. Review new draft of student's paper 
4. Try to do some work on state of the literature paper