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the grid

Saturday, 16 February 2019

Week 7: TLQ Mixtape

I am of a person of an age who made mixtapes...and some of us may have more experience with playlists...either way, I am thinking about the music that plays in some part of your adventure. Maybe the song that your character wakes up to, the music that carries her through the day, the music of celebration, or the songs to turn to for comfort. Back in the day one of my favorite mixtapes was one I called Sanctity Songs, even though I was the only person for whom those songs would be considered sacred and holy.  

What song(s) are on your TLQ Mixtape or Playlist? I don’t listen to music when writing because I find it distracting, but those songs are certainly prime for the mix. 

Last week’s goals below. I hope there is sweetness in your days. 

Contingent Cassandra 
--At least 1 walk, 1 stretch session, and 1 weight-lifting session, preferably on 3 different days.
--continue editorial & peer review followup (group email and individual emails as necessary  
--Finish second individual contribution to curricular project
--Do at least one more editorial review for curricular project 
--Continue morning writing on weekdays I'm at home (probably mostly individual contribution; possibly some FLC work and/or question-brainstorming)
--Plan/schedule/perhaps begin work on proposal for curricular project conference poster 
--Take a day off  
--aim for lights out no later than 9:30 each night (with wind-down reading beginning at 8:00 if at all possible) 

Dame Eleanor Hull 
Health: return to regular exercise, stretching, sleep schedule.  
Research: keep up with language work; more translation style checking; edit introduction based on new editorial comments. 
Teaching: prep; look at new set of papers on Saturday.  
Admin: semesterly form; committee questions. 
Life Stuff: more dull tasks (pick any three). 

Good Enough Woman 
1) 1 hour on conference paper 
2) 1 hour on novel 
3) 1 hour on self-evaluation and CV (I'm being evaluated this semester) 
4) Exercise 2x 
5) Pay bills 
6) Float like mist for StageFest and don't let the intensity spill over into all of the other days. 
7) Plan Friday carefully so that I have relaxation time and work time. Plan Sunday so that relaxation and recovery will dominate. 
8) Be ready to help daughter with baking for V-Day if necessary. Do something new for dessert on Friday night. Maybe chocolate pie? 
9) Finish the scarf for MIL if I can (Husband goes to see her on Thursday) 
10) Keep up with DE training class (OMG it's so much work) 

heu mihi 
1. Weekly accounting: 
2. Exercise x3 + walk X2, write x5, language x5, sit x5. 
3. 2500 words of the novel that is becoming less stupid because I’m getting close to the end. 
4. First-round revisions to ch. 4; to-do list for bigger deal stuff. 
5. Malory through p. 500. 
6. Try to combat the demons by knitting some and writing in my journal at least three times. 

1 Submit book review 
2 Submit article review 
3 Submit other article review 
4 Post to reading group 
5 Promotion for big conference 
6 Confirm date for small conference 

1) Teaching: get prep for Scary New Lab Class done, prepare for next week, finish marking small set of essays. Set the first half of the exam questions for the new module. Start to enter resit exam questions for first year module.  
2) self-care: do something not-work every evening other than stare at the phone, go to bed early on work nights, drink 1.5-2 l of water a day and focus on hitting >5 fruit and veg portions a day, refined sugar free week. [boring, but listing them seems to keep them in mind...] 
3) research: Continue ProblemChild2 analysis. Start model runs for FlatProject. Reply to difficult email about Gallimaufray. Finish draft of grant idea for circulation to collaborators.  
4) making stuff and being creative: finish test swatch. Look for rest of yarn for colourwork block, start that.  
5) domestic chaos reduction: Complete removal of christmas detritus from living room. Catch up with washing up. Hoover things. 

1. finish conference paper, go to conference next wknd 
2. grading and prep for lab 
3. meet with figure drafter for book 
4. R and R if there is time 
5. Light exercise x 2 
6. Sleep and rest and relax to reduce pain 

1. Survive Wednesday,  
2. Do ILL book 
3. Get rid of 100 emails 
4. Go back to collaborative essay for at least 4 hours 
5. Get tax stuff prepared  
6. Start grading student papers 
7. WALK 3 times 
8. Keep up good sleeping  
9. Do something nice/fun for the long weekend. 

1. Revisit JAMA peds paper 
2. Revise presentation for Thursday (for the UN NGO) 
3. Poster for global health conference 
4. Respond to diss chair's email