the grid

the grid

Sunday, 11 April 2021

2021 Session 1, Week 14: Nurturing and feeding joy

Good day to all our valued crew members and guests. Just a few announcements today because keeping track of more than a few plans right now is one bridge too far…

Demotivators have been sighted in some parts of the crew decks. Apparently they are entering their breeding season (damned if I know how they figured it out in their climate controlled, simulated-hibernation cargo bay). They feed on fresh green sprouts of optimism and anticipation, so please be extra careful to nurture those little sprouts and keep the force-fields around them strong! You can pick up your personal spray kit to immobilize any stray Demotivators for pick-up and repatriation to the hibernation deck. Just pile them in a corner and put a blanket over them for easy storage!

Captain Vorpatril will be hosting a travelogue style slide show this evening in the forward lounge area. Some of his earlier missions have recently been declassified so he will share some of his adventures from exciting missions. He may or may not have mentioned teaching us one or more of the traditional Barrayaran celebration (aka betting on silly challenges) games from his youth… I suspect we could use some levity?

We’re doing a poll for crew and guests this week for a discussion panel later in the week! Please tell us a few things in your check-in if you feel so inclined:

A. Which of your goal tasks or ”other” tasks is the hardest one right now?

B. What is draining you of energy and joy?

C. What is feeding your energy and joy and making you happy?

D. How can you make more space for C in order to make A and B a little easier?


GOALS from last week:

Captain Daisy

1) Finish the computer modelling thing for local project
2) Finish the report for local project
3) Ridiculous number of committee meetings
4) Final marking and grades for undergrad class if everything gets handed in, maybe
5) Something fun maybe?

 Elizabeth Anne Mitchell

Walk 2x5.
Read 1 hour x 5 on early printers. Break out another new notebook!
Combine three different filing systems into one and shred duplicates.
Get second dose of vaccine.
Draft a daily schedule.

 First Mate T’Melnor
Something toward book-in-progress.
Dead languages 4x each.
Grade discussion boards.
Very very gentle stretching, try a short walk or two.
Finish organizing tax documents.
Research new washer & dryer.
Read something scholarly.
Pay bills.
Write letters.
Dentist appointment, and shot #2.

 heu mihi

1) Write 3 hours
2) Get some Kalamazoo stuff organized (register, contact panelists)
3) Write exam questions for grad student
4) Copy-edit journal article
5) Run, yoga (try for twice), sit, language


1 Submit Because
2 Submit Young Ones
3 Write and submit review of already-read book
4 Write and submit T-House abstract
5 Try to focus on teaching-related responsibilities too


1. 2 x 2 hours on famous author
2. 2 journals
3. Get materials for next week up tomorrow so Friday is free for writing
4. Do first read of papers that are due Friday night
5. Do either shoes or blouses in great closet clear out.
6. Fertilize roses, camellias, and gardenias
7. Pull more weeds
8. Read for fun (be willing to abandon current book if it remains as bro-ish as I think its getting)
9. Exercise and food
10. Friends in various ways
11. Stay calm, be kind


Saturday, 3 April 2021

2021 Session 1, Week 13: it all counts

A theme in last week's comments is people working on things that weren't on lists, or dealing with stuff that comes up unexpectedly, or just adapting as necessary. It all counts! These things are useful and necessary. Our lives are better with the files sorted, the garden improved, the opportunity seized. Maybe in a different year, at least some of these things would seem like distractions from the main goal, but this is 2021. We've been dealing with pandemic conditions for over a year. Any forward motion you can make is a good thing.

For a change of pace, this week I offer a view of the schedule kept by Cambridge scholars in the middle of the nineteenth century, taken from An American in Victorian Cambridge: Charles Astor Bristed's 'Five Years at an English University,' ed. Christopher Stray (University of Exeter Press, 2008). I love writers' accounts of how they spend their days, so this is the sort of thing that amuses (and sometimes inspires) me.

The young man is expected to attend Chapel at 7:00 a.m., for about half an hour, so he rises by 6:30 to get ready. After Chapel, he walks in the college grounds for 15 minutes or so, to allow the bed-maker to do her work in his rooms. "By eight, he is seated before his comfortably blazing coal fire, with his kettle boiling merrily, and the materials for his morning meal on a diminutive table near him. These are of the simplest description---rolls, butter, and tea: an excellent preparation for a morning's reading." Lectures (if the young man attends them) take place from nine till noon. "It is generally some time before one, when the student resorts to his private tutor. . . .From two to four is the traditional time for exercise," and dinner in Hall is at four. "After Hall is emphatically lounging time, it being the wise practice of Englishmen to attempt no hard exercise, physical or mental, immediately after a hearty meal. Some stroll in the grounds . . . many . . . glance over the newspapers . . . and many assemble at wine parties to chat over a frugal dessert of oranges, biscuits, and cake, and sip a few glasses of not remarkably good wine." Evening Chapel at 6:00 is not so well attended, and after it "evening reading begins in earnest. Most of the Cantabs are late readers, so that supposing one of them to begin at seven, he will not leave off before half-past eleven, thus clearing more than four hours' consecutive work" (16-22). 

Later in this work, Bristed writes of these men's care of their health: "His seven hours of sleep are always the same seven hours of the night. . . . His breakfast is light and simple . . . and while he is at it he does not worry himself about anything else. He is discreet in his position when at work, and knowing that he has to stoop forward in writing at the examinations, does most of his reading leaning back in his arm chair or standing at a high desk where he strengthens his legs and eases his chest at the same time. After he has dined you could not bribe him to engage in any exertion of body or mind for at least two hours. . . . Bur above all, his exercise is as much a daily necessity to him as his food" (291).

Since Bristed endured a serious illness after arriving at Cambridge, he also has some comments on how he lived while recovering, when work had to be limited to under four hours a day (102). I'd like to know more about the lives of the tutors and masters, but he was experiencing Cambridge as an undergraduate, so I can only glean bits about the masters' lives between the lines.

If you feel like it, comment on your schedule, either actual or ideal! Or just get down to reporting and setting new goals. Here are the goals from last week: 


1) Do the computer modelling thing for local project
2) Write the report for local project
3) Finish and return marks for undergrad class
4) Check in with all students in program I run about summer and advising
5) Have difficult association conversation with important person
6) Do at least two coffee walks with friends
7) Last day of skiing for the season

Elizabeth Anne Mitchell:

Mail off passport application.
Attack the remaining scary box under the desk.
Walk.1 x 5
Make remaining doctor’s appointment.

heu mihi:

1) Write 3 hours
3) Read a bunch of Parzival and Equiano
4) Order books for Fall 2021
5) Read journal article
6) Run, yoga, sit, language


1 Submit Boredom conference paper
2 Select and submit creative piece for MV
3 Submit review of smol book
4 Make significant progress on Because (due soon)
5 Make significant progress on Young Ones (due soon)


- finish and publish feedback on AT1
- catch up 2 x weeks of online material, and set up AT2 online
- move offices/flee building works
- make test box


1. 2x 2 hours on famous author
2. 3 journals
3. Record next week's lecture
4. Do the sweaters and blouses in the great closet cleanout
5. Finally fertilize, plant seedlings
6. Have a good Easter.
7. Do things with friends online and in person
8. Keep up with exercise and healthy eating
9. Don't get stressed


Complete the "what I have" outline of book-in-progress.
Dead languages 4x each.
Grade discussion boards.
Daily stretching & cardio, weights x3.
Collect tax documents.
Tidy study.
Research new washer & dryer.
Read something scholarly.

Sunday, 28 March 2021

2021 Session 1, Week 12: Cautiously optimistic planning

 Greetings crew and guests!

I’d like to thank First Mate T'Melnor for the excellent talk on habits and planning and emergencies! I’ve been thinking about that a lot, particularly about the idea that recurring emergencies of the same kind may indicate that the problem is a planning issue rather than just simple emergencies. And then the thoughts about planning lead me to thinking about planning for the not-too-distant future, and with that a little bit of optimism crept in about anticipating pleasant things… I’ve been avoiding that very deliberately because this entire year really discouraged any sort of anticipation! Now that there are small signs of spring peeking out occasionally in our on-board greenhouses (she says as the snowstorm howls around the ship!) I’m allowing for a little bit of cautiously optimistic anticipation for the last few weeks of our voyage, and for our arrival on Primavera, and whatever comes after that. 

So, shall we make that a discussion for our gathering in the lounge later? Is there something you want to start cautiously looking forward to coming up in the next few weeks or after our current voyage ends? Can this anticipation include some small but fun rewards for performing under pressure? Or maybe even big rewards?

Please join us in the observation lounge this evening, we have a case of Aldebaran liquors we need to finish off, they were accidentally left out of cold storage and have therefore aged to peak perfection ahead of schedule. And once they reach that point they have to be consumed otherwise they constitute an explosive fire hazard. Since we’re all about planning ahead this week we definitely want to plan to avoid that…

GOALS from last week:

 Captain Daisy

1) Finish computer modelling thing for local project
2) Talk about papers with visiting co-authors and drink beer
3) Mark everything for undergrad class
5) Report for local project
6) Keep doing classes on fancy app
7) Do something fun with kid

 Elizabeth Anne Mitchell

Prepare and run the regional meeting.
Renew passport.
Break open another notebook for Translatio notes 1 x 5.
Attack the two scary file boxes underneath my desk.
Walk in the lovely spring weather 1x5.
Make one more doctor's appointment.

 First Mate T’Melnor
Finish undergrad papers; grade grad assignments; grade discussion boards.
Dead languages 4x each.
Order fall books.
Daily stretching & cardio, weights x3.
Dentist appointment (yep, another).
Collect tax documents.
More tidying of study.
Read or something scholarly that isn't class prep.

 heu mihi

1) Write 3 hours (WH intro)
2) Finish NunG vol. 5; take notes
3) Spend 3 hours reading Parzival (I'm reading this with a few students in a 1-credit independent study, and I've never read it before, so I wasn't sure how to break up the [very long] text. I suggested we all read for 3 hours this week and see how far we get. Should be interesting?)
4) Finish up grading batch
5) Submit book order for fall
6) Misc: Receipts; recommendation; library trip
7) Run, yoga, language, sit


1 Make steady progress on grading
2 Clean office equivalent to one large trash bag of trash
3 Consider how to establish routine to finish all the projects due 1 April (avoid emergencies)
4 Joining other Profesoras in ordering Fall books


1. Complete materials for potential position
2. Record lecture for students for next week
3. Famous Author: 3x 2 hours (read book, write)
4. Email: work forward from December 1 and cut it down
5. Journals 3
6. Garden: fertilize perennials, keep pulling weeds
7. House: finish going through clothes, bring to donation place
8. Keep up with exercise, healthy eating
9. Have fun with family and friends
10. Be kind

Sunday, 21 March 2021

2021 Session 1, Week 11: Projects and Routines

Greetings, crew and passengers. First Mate T'Melnor speaking. In a few moments, I will be giving a talk in the small forward lounge on the topic "Projects and Routines." Also, Captain Ivan Vorpatril will share some "Ops-Style Efficiencies."

Notes for T'Melnor's talk on "Projects and Routines."

  • Routines: everything on a starship has its routine, usually with checklist.
  • Post and/or memorize checklist
  • Muscle memory for physical tasks
  • Habits of thought for mental tasks
  • 24-hour standard checklist, 168-hour, 672-hour, etc. 
  • Periodic re-training on routine tasks
  • Crew meetings to brainstorm improvements to routines
  • Then revise checklists
  • Projects: either one-off (or rare) or recurring 
  • Scheduled or emergency
    • Examples: recurring, scheduled: Paint all bulkheads
    • scheduled, one-off: disinfect ship after visit to quarantined planet (routine established by Central Command, not devised on-board, b/c we don't normally stop at quarantined planets)
    • Emergency, one-off (all emergencies should be one-off): readjust Necklin rods in-flight due to encounter with [can I talk about this? check with Captain]
    • Emergency, recurring: situations with live cargo, ex. Albatrosses and Demotivators
  • Recurring emergencies indicate need to improve routines for dealing with situation
    • Importance of motivating crew to continue to step up
    • Command needs to enforce R&R when emergency in hand 
    • Rewards for performance under pressure

Ivan's Notes on Ops

Batch routine work, set priorities, be ruthless about enforcing priorities, delegate or delete what you can. Find constraints on work: time? resources? communications delays? Exploit these: may need to make some tasks/routines less efficient to increase overall efficiency. Ex. take time to plan; ways of thinking through processes > increase yr ability to think through steps for new project/problem. R&R necessary to keep brains & bodies functional. Get Yourself On Board (dealing w/Demotivators): for lady professors, in absence of command structure, who is yr boss? You? Students? Chair/dean? Editor? Create internal sense of responsibility even if no literal report daily/weekly to this person/group. Multiple bosses? Ugh, like work for Imperial Wedding: appear attentive to all while ruthlessly following top commands (Mamere, not Countess Vorinnis).

Links for lady professors:

Classroom rules: apply to students, kids, or selves:

Templates for project plans: adapt to education?

Thinking routines: for class? for selves?

Habits/routines/rituals: "Habits vs. Routines vs. Rituals: Wondering what the difference is between habits, routines, and rituals? Habits are things that we do automatically--things like checking your email first thing in the morning or putting your keys in a specific spot when you get home. Routines are usually a collection of habits or actions you do on a regular basis to bring order to your day—checking your email, then writing your day's to-do list, then checking your team's project management tool as a way of getting the day started. Rituals are like routines. The main difference is the attitude behind the actions: Taking a walk everyday at lunch could be considered a routine if you think of it as something you need to do for your productivity. Or it could be a ritual if you think of it as a way to break out of the mundane and enjoy nature. While we're focusing on habits and routines here, most routines could be turned into rituals with a change of perspective."

Remember to thank everyone for coming & point them at refreshments; T'Melnor & Ivan available to chat about goals, routines, checklists, etc. Remind of routine weekly goal-setting & reports (example of routine!).


Captain Daisy:

1) Figure out computer modelling thing for local project
2) Go into lab and do sample prep
3) Figure out grad student analytical methods
4) Try again because this is now getting urgent: Do all my research accounting
5) Keep going on local project analysis
6) Do something fun during kid’s school break for a day or two
7) Do at least 5 classes of fancy app

Professora Hull:

Finish undergrad papers; grade grad assignments; grade discussion boards.
Dead languages 4x each.
Fall course descriptions; order fall books.
Daily stretching & cardio, weights x3.
Dentist appointment, vaccination appointment.
Collect tax documents.
More tidying of study.


1 Attend and present at last virtual conference
2 Make steady progress on grading
3 Clean office equivalent to one large trash bag of trash
4 Submit abstract for Unwanted
5 Organize small online student conference

Professora Mihi:

1) Write 3 hours (collection intro)
2) Grade a batch of papers
3) Read 100 pages of NunG vol. 5
4) Run, yoga, language, sit

Professora Mitchell:

Write for 1 hour x 3 on Illuminated.
Read background on Famous Printer, using new notebook. 1x3
Renew passport.
Get 1st dose of vaccine--yay!

Professora Susan:

1. Read book for FAMOUS AUTHOR. Maybe write some (2 x 2 hours)
2. Keep up with class
3. Read 2 journals from pile I picked up at the office today (these go back to last spring, when the campus closed & mail delivery stopped.)
4. Make appointment for haircut
5. Reorganize bedroom
6. Keep up with exercise
7. Do something fun with friends in person
8. Be kind 



Saturday, 13 March 2021

2021 Session 1, Week 10: Moving incrementally forward and proud of it!

 Good morning to all our crew and passengers!

If you are located in our portside cabins you should be able to see the Glowing Nebula of Never-Ending Monotony just over the horizon. It used to be called something else but I’ve renamed it for this particular voyage because obvious reasons… We’re well into our voyage and I think the jettisoning ceremony made us literally and metaphorically a bit lighter. Which is good, because we have our destination coming closer but we’re still a decent distance away. From having run a bunch of marathons, we’re at about mile 18 or 19 now… Well over halfway, but far enough from the end that when the spectators yell “you’re almost there!!” in a misguided bid to encourage you, you want to throw your water bottle at them because you are really nowhere near “almost there”…

So, as in a long race, now is the time to focus on what matters, to focus on why we got on this ship in the first place, and to focus on the huge distance we’ve covered already and remember that forward motion happens even when you only take small steps and repeat that loads of times.

What small steps will you take this week to keep moving towards your goals? Are there small rewards you can give yourself for hanging in there?

Come by the aft lounge, we will have a debrief on strategies and share a few rewards in the form of Betelgeusian chocolates which I’ve been informed are banned on Primavera so we have to eat them all now!

Below are the goals from last week, let's celebrate each and every one we accomplished!

GOALS from last week:

 Captain Daisy

1) Finish student conference and all last minute related tasks
2) Read and comment on Master’s thesis
3) Try again: Walk 5 times, and stretch
4) Try again: Do all my research accounting
5) Keep going on local project analysis
6) Give really good grad seminar lecture
7) Take advantage of meeting-free afternoon midweek and go out somewhere

 Elizabeth Anne Mitchell

Write at least 250 words a day on Translatio; Feminae; or UnnamedAsYet. 1x5
Write something on Illuminated. 1x3
Read background on Famous Printer 1x3
Call three doctors for appointments.

heu mihi

1) Write 3 hours (on at least 2 of the 3 current projects)
2) Run 3 or 4 times (the weather should be lovely mid-week; I can't wait!)
3) sit x 5, language x 5
4) Small accounting things that need to happen
5) Read grad student's thesis bit, read other student's comps essays
6) Read something, anything, research-related! 


1 Participate in roundtables for Conferences 2 and 3
2 Grade 4 hours/day
3 Finish grading for three courses requiring midterm grades
4 Build online course


-Collect sample materials from travel day Friday.
-Turn around feedback for postgrad 1 when next draft comes in
-Have minimum presence online set for week 1-4 in LMS, and contact 2 industry ppl re contributions.


1. Read book for FAMOUS AUTHOR. Maybe write some (2 x 2 hours)
2. Keep up with class
3. Read 2 journals from pile I picked up at the office today (these go back to last spring, when the campus closed & mail delivery stopped.)
4. Make appointment for haircut
5. Reorganize bedroom
6. Keep up with exercise
7. Do something fun with friends in person
8. Be kind

First Mate T’Melnor

Discussion questions for rest of term for undergrads.
Dead languages 4x each.
Fall course descriptions.
Order fall books.
Daily stretching & cardio, weights x3.
Get car noise checked out.
Collect tax documents.
More tidying of study.

Sunday, 7 March 2021

First session 2021, Week 9: The Jettisoning Ceremony

Ivan couldn't help flinching when he saw the baggage closed into the airlock, even though he was very sure it was just unwanted stuff, no bodies, not even dead, definitely not alive. It was still all too reminiscent of various small spaces he'd been confined to, and he remembered having the same feeling when he'd heard about Ekaterin's hours in an airlock with Professora Vorthys, waiting to find out whether the Komarrans or Miles would get to them first. But it was his duty, on this trip, to be a genial companion to the lady professors, so he put on his best diplomatic smile and ushered the Professoras Mihi and Mitchell up to wield the laser-vaporizers after Captain Daisy opened the outer door on the airlock. The bags whooshed out into the vacuum, and, with disturbing glee, the ladies picked them off one by one with the lasers. Ivan sure hoped they wouldn't discover their favorite shoes had accidentally got packed in the vaporized bags. Oh, well, he'd probably be dealing with whatever the Primaverans had saved up for him by the time the professoras were unpacking.


It seems like we have a rather small group for the ceremony. Here's what we're jettisoning, if I've read the posts from last week correctly: 

Daisy: Finish my Albatross paper. Figure out a way to have some fun with my courses instead of just surviving them.

humming42: finished draft of tiny project

T’Melnor: Unpack all my books and do more settling in the new house.

And here are the goals from last week:

1) Conference recording
2) GRADING!!!!! So much grading…
3) Walk every day
4) Do all my research accounting
5) Plan and post remaining course activities
6) Analysis for local project
7) do next year's course planning

Elizabeth Anne Mitchell
Write at least 250 words a day on Translatio; Feminae; or UnnamedAsYet. 1x5
Write up peer review.1x5 Nearly TRQ
Read background on Famous Printer 1x3
Call three doctors for appointments.

heu mihi
1) Send off essay collection emails (2 batches)
2) Write 2 hours
3) Ask a question at this morning's panel
4) Walk more than run this week
5) sit x5, language x5

1 Submit material for Conference 1
2 Attend virtual business meetings for Conference 1
3 Make some progress with grading: 4 hours/day
4 Create some order somewhere in my life: following EAM’s wisdom, I’m going to try for 1 hour/day in my office


Catch up with grading discussion boards.
New topics for grad writing.
Dead languages 4x each.
Albatross-handling 3x.
Set up March calendar pages.
Fall course descriptions.
Daily stretching & cardio, weights x3.
Get car noise checked out.
Stretch goal: tidy study.

I haven't gone back to find held-over goals, but if you have been holed up in your cabin and want to come to this week's reception post-jettisoning (and post-target practice), by all means, please join us and tell us how your week went! Or, if you can't bear to look back, just come say hello and, if you feel like it, set some new goals going forward.

Saturday, 27 February 2021

2021 Session 1, Week 8: Mid-voyage Goal Review

Well, it is that time of the voyage… We’re just about half-way and it is time to check in with ourselves and our voyage goals. Don’t know about you but these always give me a nasty shock and I always ending up feeling a mixture of pity and annoyance for the naïve sod who made my plans 2 months ago… So for this round I promise to treat that naïve sod with kindness and not be overly harsh when reviewing my goals. I also promise to be ruthless in throwing out the ones that I do not want to keep carrying with me on this voyage, there are other trips, other ships, and not everything needs to be dragged along this time…

We will be having a special baggage/goal jettisoning session in the aft loading bay at the end of the week. Please prepare anything that needs to be thrown off the ship and we will have it picked up in a cabin sweep before the ceremony. In order to minimize our contribution to space flotsam/jetsam pollution we will be chuck our excess baggage and goals, and then immediate vapourize them with the defensive laser array. If anyone who wants to press buttons for shooting at cargo please sign up below, I can highly recommend this as an excellent destressing activity. Our safety officer will be on hand to make sure we do not do any damage to innocently passing ships or planets.

The baggage ceremony will be followed by the official MidWay Ball where we will get a chance to wear our gorgeous gowns (or suits or leisure leggings of your choice) and dance with our voyage guests. The dance teacher will be offering refresher lessons on waltzes and maybe tangos for the brave, and medical team will notified to expect the occasional sprained ankle… The sign-up sheet for dancing with Captain Vorpatril is right next to the one for laser duty. In the interest of collegiality (and concern for the Captain’s health) please limit yourself to signing up for two dances only. If he’s still standing after those it will be first-come for the rest of the evening!


Elizabeth Anne Mitchell

Reassess my 5-year plan.
Get Illuminated out to a journal.
Outline Translated.
Organize quarters.
Deepen and normalize self-care practices.

 Captain Daisy

1) Finish my Albatross paper! This has been an ongoing goal for ages but the paper keeps changing and is constantly being shoved aside for more urgent things.
2) Analysis and Report on fun local project
3) Do a good graduate course for lovely students
4) All the revisions for all the things
5) Figure out a way to have some fun with my courses instead of just surviving them

 heu mihi

1) Research and writing:
a. Public/private conference paper (due March)
b. Pedagogy conference paper (due May)
c. Collection intro
d. Death essay
2) Teaching: Have fun, be good, and don't let it take over my life
3) Habits:
a. Sit regularly
b. Language study at least a few times a week
c. Write/research three hours/week
d. Try out Monk Manual for this term


1 finished draft of tiny project
2 keep up with teaching things
3 present at three online conferences that unfortunately all fall in March
4 submit Boredom to online conference
5 write short death piece


Professional Survival – do all the things needed for this…

(Captain’s note: we’re sending someone to check on you in your cabin, they will deliver a selection of fresh healthy snacks and a bottle of something sparkly along with some Andorran bath salts for tired brains/bodies. We cannot replicate those because they cause small explosions so they are kind of a treat.)


-Deliver new course with at least two weeks lead time in prep across the semester
-Complete NTRO output
-Hand over all service responsibilities esp Hons project
-Get two postgrads through examination
-prep the mighty kombi for long service leave


1. Finish chapter 2 of Famous Author, start chapter 3.
2. Keep up with teaching, but don't let it take over my life.
3. Finish big transition for Proforg
4. Repeatedly going to the decks for relaxation and exercise programs
5. Ensuring that I regularly "hang out" with friends (and maybe by the end of the session some of that will be in person!)
6. Watch out for my mother (she's in assisted living, I can't visit, so. . .)
7. Other duties as assigned.

 First Mate T’Melnor

*Deliver quality classes online, keep up with grading, give my students a decent learning experience.
*Finish the article that has turned into my Albatross and move on to something else.
*Unpack all my books and do more settling in the new house.
*Stick more or less to the work schedule I've devised, which allots regular time to teaching, research, reading, languages, service, exercise, and down time (the real question is how fast it will take for this to go completely down the tubes).
*Prioritize sleep and physical health.


GOALS from last week:

Elizabeth Anne Mitchell

Scan paper files for archiving.1x5
Work on peer review.1x5
Outline the proposal for the reference work on Famous Printer (for work but still fun).
Write at least 250 words a day on Translatio; Feminae; or UnnamedAsYet.

Captain Daisy

1) Make beautiful conference poster out of giant piles of gnarly data
2) Write a summary of everything in poster so that when paper-writing comes around I actually remember what was in it
3) Check in on the albatross egg and see whether it is ready to hatch, extend contract for babysitter if going well
4) Finish grading before next batch of grading arrives
5) Catch-up on all association business and meetings
6) Do all my research accounting
7) Take-out dinner treat for me and kid

heu mihi

1) Write 3 hours
2) Exercise daily
3) Service misc: Gen Ed review, job description for service position, LOR
4) Finalize paper and email organizer for March 1 presentation; get book from office so that I can finish it!
5) sit x5, language x5


Recover from disaster-ridden away mission.


-Finish contacting external peoples, get through week 1, plan week 2/3.
-Comments back to postgrads on messy article draft, complete exegesis.
-Respect research day - 4 pomodoros, 500 words.


2. Famous Author: 2 sessions
3. Try to get a bit ahead on LMS stuff and assignments
4. Start next task for organization
5. Get good sleep
6. Keep up with exercise
7. Pull some weeds, fertilize roses
8. Have some nice conversations
9. Be kind
10. Float like mist

 First Mate T’Melnor

Finish grading undergrad papers.
Write new essay assignment.
Load new grad readings.
Stretch & cardio daily; weights x3.