the grid

the grid

Wednesday 29 December 2021

Inter-session space and thoughts for the coming year...


Hello everyone!

I hope you are all getting a much-needed break right now, and that you were able to enjoy whichever way you celebrate or don’t celebrate the holidays and the coming end of the year! I’ve been enjoying a stack of new books in addition to rereading some old friends (because really, books and their characters totally count as friends!), and doing 1000-piece puzzles and cooking.

This is an inter-session hello, and place to check in and chat if you wish. I will be hosting the Winter session starting in January if that is ok with everyone. I will put up the first post for that the weekend of January 8/9 and we will go for 16 weeks of check-ins to get us to the end of April, with the final day wrap-up day being May 1st (for no reason other than I like the date!). That should cover most of our terms/semesters I think?

In the meantime, I’m thinking about the new year… Not in a “New Year’s Resolution” kind of a way because I’m pretty sure those are just designed to make us feel bad about ourselves, more in a “what do I want to bring along for the journey that this year might be”… So, if you feel like it, check in below and share your thoughts on things we want to carry with us for the year!

What do you want to leave behind from 2021? What do you want to bring with you for 2022? What are you looking forward to? What will your special superpower be in the year 2022? What do you want to do this coming year to make room for joy and wonder?

Sunday 19 December 2021

All good things must come to an end

I hope I'm not stepping on anyone's toes by putting up the wind-up post. I know JaneB likes to check in on Sunday, and it's already evening in the UK, so here it is.

This time, we won't set goals, but reflect on the past session. How did you do? What went better (or worse) than you expected? Did you have to deal with anything unanticipated? Are there categories in which you lagged or excelled? What sort of special TLQ reward would you like to find under your Christmas tree, Hanukkah bush, or Solstice shrub?

Your session goals were posted last week, so I won't collect them again here. Thank you all for coming on the 16-week plus one TLQ journey of August-December 2021 session. It's been a pleasure to meet with you and cheer you on. Best wishes for the remainder of December, and for the new year.

If anyone feels like volunteering to host the first 2022 session, please note that in the comments, as well.

Sunday 12 December 2021

Last goal-set post of the session

We're looking at week 16. Next weekend we'll have a post in which to report on our session goals, but this is our last week to post goals. Below, you'll find last week's goals, as usual, and then either updated session goals from midterm, or your original goals if you didn't get around to an update: this is so you can make a last-minute attempt to accomplish something on the list, if you're getting close. Again, we will have a post next week when you can come and tell us how you've done both this week and for the full session.

What are you looking forward to, when you make it through this week? How would you like to celebrate your successes?

Last posted goals:


1) Continue with revisions for paper, just finish it!!
2) Association meetings and individual councilor catch-up meetings
3) Go through Albatross paper material and send things to coauthor for help
4) Try some gentle exercise that does not hurt broken bits
5) Catch up with new project coworkers
6) Do something fun with friends 

Dame Eleanor Hull

Health: yoga x6, weights x3, medium walks, bed by 10:30 at least 5x.
Research: continue plugging quotes/citations into outline; Greek and T reading at least 3x each.
Teaching: Grade All The Things.
Life Stuff: renew car registration, finish pockets and replace buttons on a cardigan, order Xmas presents.

Elizabeth Anne Mitchell 

Get better food in the house.
Write better transitions in AYU 1 hour times 4.
Figure out what tasks to do on the Christmas visit to afford me the opportunity to “touch research every day.”
Wrap presents.
Take puppy to vet.

heu mihi

1) Touch research daily
2) Finish grading this paper to clear the decks for a VERY RAPID grading of the final paper (due Friday)
3) Survive a prospectus defense, a dissertation defense, a promotion review, and a mini-tenure. Prepare for next week's prospectus defense
4) Exercise at least three times
5) Finish Christmas shopping


1 submit two article reviews
2 set a schedule for grading to wind down rather than race to the finish
3 clear a shelf for new books as part of office cleaning
4 do four things on the 22 before 22 list
5 schedule research priorities and create deadlines for winter break projects


Once my grading arrives, do a little grading every day.
Be KIND - to students, to myself.
Drink more water, move some more, take time to breath.
Try to work out what is going on with the grant we actually got, but can't start due to paperwork issues. 


Research: have some writing (let's say an introduction) prepared to share with writing group; have all postgrads up to date on meetings and feedback
Teaching: revised rubrics and up to week 8 on content for next sem online
Self and home: make Christmas shopping list and get started on it, sort out garden/pet sitter, yoga x3, beat last week's weekly steps average.


1. Start work on next chapter - outline it, order ILL books
2. Do promotion review
3. Grade stragglers work
4. Work on Christmas service for church
5. Do fun stuff at the weekend
6. Get tree
7. Keep getting good sleep. 

Revised session goals:  


Finish 5 research papers.
Get new grad student started off well, get current grad students through the rigours of writing a thesis.
Plant bulbs, move hostas, continue exercise program, something creative for sabbatical.

Dame Eleanor Hull

Complete and polish book chapter.
Deliver effective courses, grade promptly, do a little prep of spring courses.
Put the garden to bed. Do at least ten things on my list of Stuff That Will Stay Done.
Take Sundays and at least half of Saturdays off from work, and work more efficiently on weekdays to make this possible.
Manage food and exercise so as to sleep adequately on a regular basis.

Elizabeth Anne Mitchell

Organization: Bring order to the work office by slashing and burning (only figuratively) the mass of paper inhabiting the space. Go through bookshelf: scan important articles, return any books read/discarded as not useful. File what is left.
Planning: Reverse outline partially written articles. Plan next steps on each, or abandon.
Health: Continue to make doctors’ appointments, scans, and other fun things.
Writing: Write when it is fun or rewarding; read when writing is drudgery.

heu mihi

Take time to stop doing things.
Write steadily and calmly.
Take an Italian class!
Do good things for others.


Teaching: Do the usual. Draft proposal for new program.
Research: Draft DQ book proposal. Write quality presentations for three online conferences. Submit to favorite spring conference.
Creative: Organize existing drafts of poems and flash nonfiction. Create a submission plan. Commit to and enjoy online classes.
Domestic: Finish cleaning office. Build and fill bookcases. Clear all recycling from house and garage


Sad but realistic goal for the session: SURVIVAL (self, students, cat)


Teaching: finish up this semester without getting behind, set up external connections and partnerships for sem 1 2022 unit.
Research: pilot SOTL project and present paper on it, see three PhD/Masters students to submission.
Self and Home: maintain planting schedule, get out (in some way shape or form) each week, get home office fully functional given there's at least one more year of hotdesk hell to come.


Research: get rough drafts of last two chapters of Famous Author; 2 sessions/week.
Teaching: keep up with classes, don't get overwhelmed.
Finish self-study for the graduate program review.
Finish work for book prize, article prize, tenure review, promotion review, jacket blurb, read 2 MSS, stuff related to being president of scholarly organization.
Clean ducts, refinish floor in guest room & paint guest room, landscaping.
Keep up with exercise.
See friends, see my mother, read for fun.

Sunday 5 December 2021

Week 15: Winding down or racing to finish?

 If my math is right, next week (week 16) is the last week of this session, though I think we're always confused about whether we actually set goals in week 16, or just report!  Anyway, this morning I got on my bike and saw my sister-in-law was doing the same ride; she was way ahead of me, but by the end I saw I might catch up to her and really pushed.  It occurred to me that there are two ways of ending the session, the semester, or even a bike ride: you can do what I did this morning, racing to the finish, getting as much done as possible; or you can slowly glide to the end gradually letting go of pressure. I've been both in life. Which are you this year? 

Also, feel free to opine on whether we should do final check-ins next week, or set goals next week (December 10) with a final check-in after December 17.  

Goals from last week or the week before:


1) Catch up with literally everything
2) Continue with revisions for paper related to poster. Still FOREVER
3) Fun dinner out with kid

Dame Eleanor

Health: yoga x6, weights x3, medium walks, bed by 10:30 at least 5x.
Research: topic sentence outline to RL writing group; continue plugging quotes/citations into outline; Greek and T reading at least 3x each.
Teaching: Grade the stuff that comes in this week.
Life Stuff: renew car registration, finish joint account admin, finish pockets and replace buttons on a cardigan.

Elizabeth Anne Mitchell

More medical appointments.
Run P&T meeting, and write all the resulting reports..
Spend one hour on at least three days planning the AYU article.

heu mihi

1) Touch research daily and start to make some kind of clear progress on paper due in February.
2) Journal catch-up--mostly prodding late reviewers.
3) Personnel committee work: 1 promotion letter, review materials for a mini-tenure, update annual review guidelines.
4) Keep going with teaching; maybe even start grading this weekend? (Classes end on the 8th!)

humming42 (carried over)

1 submit three book reviews

2 submit article review

3 work on mentoring program application

4 catch up on grading

5 as noted, draft some lines every day

JaneB (carried over) 

Once my grading arrives, do a little grading every day. Be KIND - to students, to myself. Drink more water, move some more, take time to breath. try to work out what is going on with the grant we actually got, but can't start due to paperwork issues.


Research: present small SOTL paper and celebrate no further work travel this year.
Teaching: get up to week 4 of next unit online prepped
Self and Home: have all seedlings in pots, garden or tubestock; get to bed at a reasonable hour.

Susan (carried over)

1. Enjoy family time

2. Finish Book for blurb

3. Grade next batch of papers

4. Eat well

5. Sleep