the grid

the grid

Sunday 29 March 2020

Week 12: Making space

When it comes to planning and setting goals, I think a lot about time and space, both literally and figuratively. The basic example, which we’ve discussed quite a bit here, is whether to set writing goals based on time or work count.   

I find myself ruminating on this even more, since I seem to have no sense of time. The days float by, and even though I am working at tracking my time, I still find myself astonished by the big chunks of time that are suddenly now in the past. Curiously, I seldom have the experience of feeling that I have more time than I thought I did, or that it seems later in the day than the clock says. 

With all that, I’m thinking about using metaphors related to space rather than time. I was thinking about this before the just-announced shelter in place mandate for the city and county in which I live. Maybe if I were an extrovert, I would feel constrained or even some sense of panic about sheltering in place. Instead, I’m thinking about making space for the things I want to do this week. And making sure I make space for the grief of the everyday we no longer have, the fury at mismanagement that has led to lives lost, and the collective sadness that we cannot avoid. 
Whether you want to set goals or not this week, check in and let us know how you’re doing. Be kind to yourselves. 

1) Put everyone on a schedule! 
2) Write funding report and technical report to go with it 
3) Dust off neglected paper and work on figures 
4) Post enough class material to get through 2 weeks 
5) Run at least 4 times 
6) Stop stress-eating everything that doesn’t move fast enough… 

Dame Eleanor Hull 
Daily stretching, walking, 8 hours sleep. 
Class plans for next week (definitely) and beyond (as I can); grade a set of papers; maintain virtual office hours. 
3-4 days: some language study and some reading/note-taking. 
At least one service thing (of 3). 
2-3 items from my Life Stuff list. 

Elizabeth Anne Mitchell 
Hang curtains. 
Block dressing gown and chemise. 
Finish passport application. 
Do some grunt work (glossary, citations, and the like) for half an hour a day to get back into research. 

Good Enough Woman (held over) 
1. Get next week's Brit Lit reading done by Sunday. 
2. Do most of the prep for next week to clear the way for heavier grading. 
3. Find short stories for independent study student. Create first few assignments for her. 
4. Research/write for 1 hour. 
1. Send at least three cards/letters to people. 
2. Have lunch with my mom. 
3. Float like mist through all four of my son's 4-H activities this week. Support him. 
1. Walk 4x 
2. Meditate 4x 
3. Skip late-night treat 3x. Fast at least 13 hours 2x. 
4. Reschedule appointment that got cancelled. 

heu mihi 
1. Establish functional routines for Bonaventure--his teacher is doing daily Zoom meetings, and he's enthusiastic about homework, so this might be okay 
2. Self-care: sit, exercise, get outside, read/watch shows for fun 
3. Get through teaching without worrying about it too much 
4. Write letter of rec. for grad student (this really should be done today); triage email; contact advisees re. Registration 

1 continue to write content for online course I’m teaching 
2 continue to create content for classes that were moved online 
3 decide what call for papers to respond to 
look at DQ and decide whether to revise 

JaneB (held over) 
1) Do one ACTUAL WORK THING, one CHORE THING and one FUN THING every day. 
2) aim for 5 fruit and veg a day, plenty of water, no bread, and small amounts of sugar. 
2a) start to work out what a realistic schedule might look like (we got the news of closure Monday, we still don't know how it will work, we had to write plans over the weekend which then need to be approved (but haven't been yet so I'm reluctant to make too much of a start on prep)). And I have to do as much as I can NOT to let my sleep schedule drift... 
3) spend an hour with my NaNo writing, because I enjoy it 
4) keep building that list of research obligations… 
Karen (held over) 
-clear 2 boxes (the ones next to the bookshelf) 
-start all course F draft documents 
-run x 2, yoga x 3. Wondering if I can fit in a weights session somewhere in my schedule because I realise I need to work on upper body strength, but can't see where. 
-order wind sock, book in 4 field recording days. 
-write up notes from this mornings library trip 

- collate sustainability paperwork for two organisational units 
- produce 2 lectures worth of distance learning for polymer chemistry course 
- carry out student meetings by phone 
- walk 10000 steps each day (we're doing this fitness tracker challenge thing at work) 
Anything beyond this is a bonus. 

Oceangirl101 (held over) 
1) write/work on book, but mostly Ch 7 3x a week, for 2 hrs each- will involve some number crunching, creation of figures, writing and some revision of Ch 3 
2) exercise x 3 
3) meet with undergrad students/grad that I am advising on lab projects/independent studies etc. 
4) finish syllabi, start BB sites for two courses 

1. Manuscript review (must be done by Friday AM) 
2. Clear out 100 more emails (this is relatively mindless, and I got rid of 100 the other day in less than an hour) 
3. 5 minutes of clearing daily 
4. 5 minutes of weeding daily 
5. Keep up social connection / add new people 
6. Keep getting exercise. 
7. Add pleasure reading to schedule. 
8. Keep being kind to people. 

1. COVID and MH 
a. Into qualtrics 
2. Tobacco paper 
3. T32 
4. Asthma paper revision 
5. Take a fresh look at PTSD paper? (if all goes well this week)