the grid

the grid

Sunday 30 January 2022

Week 4: Construction delays


Hello from blizzard-infested storm-land where not much is moving outside except for the gale-force winds!

Our cabin construction crew has let me know that due to blizzard conditions, supply chain issues, care-related issues, and a few paranormal issues (standard manifestations and poltergeists, nothing serious) they cannot do any actual construction this week. So while we wait for our construction materials to arrive, why not think about the purpose of your cabin? What is it for? Is it a vacation spot? An escape hatch? A working office used regularly? Or your permanent home? Will you have guests for short or long periods, or only for meals and parties? Or are you not telling anyone about it so you can truly go off-grid?

 In real life, what is your go-to coping strategy for dealing with unexpected delays? How do you maintain momentum? How do you deal with delays differently when it is other people cause a delay, or if it is external circumstances, or if it is you?

Have a wonderful week everyone!

Last week's goals:


Get surgery and recover

Ongoing student feedback as needed

Paper edits when I feel better

Urgent conference things only

Dame Eleanor Hull

Plan schedule.
Health: cardio daily, stretch x6, test corn, track bedtime.
Research: 30 min on book x5, dead languages x3 each, edit & submit book review.
Teaching: write more assignments, keep building VILE sites, plan class activities.
Life stuff: tidy 2 shelves in my study, alter skirt waistband.

Elizabeth Anne Mitchell (carried over)

Plan for one hour x 5.
Write for one hour x 5.
Read for one hour x 5.
Life stuff: dog license, call about verification of COVID passport, call retirement folks at work.

 heu mihi

1) Prep first 2 weeks of grad sem so that I don't freak out when we get to Derrida in week 3 (why, why am I doing this to myself?).
2) Read 2 articles for Augustine vignette.
3) Service stuff: materials for mid-tenure review, finish mid-tenure letter, clear out two other reviews, 1 very late faculty report, review Gen Ed course
4) Find a way to exercise that doesn't hurt my foot.


1 submit current book review
2 work on abstracts due next week
3 spend five hours on DQ


1) grade final year stuff
2) call GP about anxiety etc.
3) do teaching prep for when we start back
4) make time to read or do D&D prep 4 days
5) block out Why
6) work on the monthly list
7) block out Because (Because It Will Be Fun, or at least has those characteristics which in normal times I usually consider to be academic fun)


1. Start work on 2021 trip photobook
2. Make field trip list
3. Spend time with family, be in the moment
4. Keep up with preserving


1. Work on Famous Author 4 days
2. Move forward on colleague collection
3. Read one more journal
4. Get ahead on LMS.
5. Send emails/call people re church stuff
6. FInish UK taxes
7. Eat well, exercise, go to bed early
8. Do something fun maybe?