the grid

the grid

Friday 9 December 2016

Thinking ahead

Usually, a few weeks before the end of a session, we put out a call for conveners for the next session.  Instead of folding that into tomorrow's "End of Session" discussion, I'm putting it out here today.  So we need someone (or better two people) who are willing/able/interested in leading the group in the spring -- usually running from mid-January to some time in May -- please note it down below.  

What's involved?   Usually we've had two conveners, who take turns posting.  It's just keeping track, thinking of things that might help us all think about our work and focus on TLQ.   It's rewarding, and interesting to think about these issues, I've found.   It's not an enormous time commitment: I usually work about 1/2 hour on drafting my posts the week I do them.

So, if you're interested and able, please note it below.


  1. Hi Susan

    I'm willing to co-host with someone. I'll struggle in late April/May but can split things up with someone before that.